Ronald Blumer Filmography

DOLLEY MADISON. Writer, Co-Producer. 90 minutes for the American Experience, 2015.

GRAVE JUSTICE. Story editor, TruTV, 2008

THE BURNING SEASON. WIDEANGLE, PBS, Story consultant, 2008

ALEXANDER HAMILTON. A two-hour special for the series THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Writer, Co-producer, 2007

THE NEW MEDICINE, PBS. Hosted by the late Dana Reeve, the program explores the recent science showing the concrete effects that emotions can have on health, and explores the implications of this for the practice of medicine. Writer, co-producer & co-writer of the companion book, 2006,. International Health & Medical Media Award, 2006, Silver Medal, New York Film & Video Awards, 2007

SAVING THE NATIONAL TREASURES, NOVA. About the heroic efforts to preserve the Charters of Freedom – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. A shorter version of the film was being shown hourly at The National Archives in Washington, DC. Writer, Co-producer, 2005

SACRED STAGE: THE MARIINSKY THEATER. A film about the past and present of Kirov illustrated with stunning performances from the opera and ballet, as well as candid interviews with luminaries, scholars and performers including Valery Gergiev and Plácido Domingo. Writer. 2004

NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER, Philadelphia. Interactive multi-media exhibits, writer, 2003

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. A three-part mini-series for PBS staring Richard Easton. Writer, co-producer, 2002, Prime Time Emmy Award, 2003

AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY: A CENTURY OF IMAGES. A three-hour series for PBS, about the impact of still photography on America in the 20th century. Writer, Co-producer, 1999

NEW YORK. Directed by Ric Burns, Episode five: Cosmopolis. Co-writer, 1998

LIBERTY! THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A major series for PBS. Beginning in 1763 and ending with the ratification of the US Constitution, this six-hour series had its national premiere in November, 1997. Companion book chosen as a Book-Of-The-Month Club Main Selection. Soundtrack release by Sony Classical. This six-hour PBS special uses both dramatic and documentary techniques featuring the actors Roger Ress, Victor Garber, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Colm Feore, and Donna Murphy. Series Writer & Co-producer, 1996
George Foster Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism, 1997,Christopher Award, 1997

DISCOVERING WOMEN. A PBS series profiling women in science. Writer of one program, 1995, Christopher Award, 1995

DANCING. An eight-part PBS series about the sociology of dance around the world. Writer of two programs, 1993

GEOGRAPHY IN AMERICAN HISTORY. A series of films for high school students produced by the Agency for Instructional Technology in association with state school systems across the country. Writer

THE CRASH OF 1929 A program for the PBS series THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on the stock market Crash of 1929 aired November, 1990. Writer

THE CREATIVE EYE. A series of six one hour for PBS featuring selections of films from the National Film Board of Canada. Hosted by Colleen Dewhurst. Writer, co-director, 1990

IMAGES OF CONGRESS. A film on how the U.S. Congress was portrayed in Hollywood films. Produced for the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Writer, 1989

THE POWER OF THE PAST. A series about museums and culture with Bill Moyers. Series premier, a 90-minute film on Florence and the Renaissance aired PBS Nov. 1990. Research/Writer

PERES: THE ROAD TO PEACE. A film portrait of Israel’s former Prime Minister, Shimon Peres aired on PBS July 1990. Writer

THE GIFT OF SIGHT. A documentary about Dr. Joseph Frucht, an eye surgeon, curing preventable blindness in Liberia. Writer, 1988

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF L.B.J. Treatment for a four-part film on Lyndon Johnson for the series, THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Writer, 1988

ADVERTISING: THE MIRROR AND THE HAMMER. Treatment for a thirteen-part series on advertising for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. Writer, 1988

LISTEN TO AFRICA. A thirty minute documentary for the United Nations on development programs in Niger and Cameroon. Sandra Nichols Productions. Writer, 1987

PERSONAL CARE. A series of videotapes to be produced by the Institute of Gerontology of Utica College on new programs for the caring of the aged. Writer, 1987

AN EMPIRE OF REASON. A one hour television drama on the debate surrounding the ratification of the Constitution, featuring Mario Cuomo, Thomas Kean, Ed Koch, Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, William Buckley, Phil Donahue, Robin MacNeal, E.G. Marshall, Eli Wallach (aired on PBS July 1988). Writer,,President’s Award, Best Film in the Festival, Columbus Int. Film Festival 1988,Gold Medal, International Film & TV Festival, NY, 1988, Silver Hugo (Best Network Broadcast of an Educational Program), Chicago International Film Festival, 1988,New York EMMY (Outstanding Arts/Cultural/Historical Programming), 1989,Gold Camera, (Educational category) US Industrial & Video Festival, 1989,Gold Eagle, (Educational category), CINE Film Festival, 1989

THE KING CHRONICLE. A six-hour miniseries dramatization of the life of William Lyon Mackenzie King Prime Minster of Canada, directed by Donald Brittain for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Co-writer of original treatment and Director of the Historical Researc.,1987 Chris Award, Columbus International Film Festival, 1988

THE U.S. CONSTITUTION SERIES. Six films on the Constitution hosted by Bill Moyers. The series was produced by the Agency for Instructional Technology in association with thirty-five state school systems across the country. Series writer, 1987,Gold Medal, International Film & TV Festival, 1987, AECT Award, Assoc. of Educational Communication Technology, 1987, ACT Award, Action for Children’s Television, 1988,Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1988,Cited by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution as a project “of exceptional merit with national significance and substantial educational and historical value.

PORTRAIT OF AMERICA: NEW JERSEY, MAINE, & WYOMING. A series of films on American states Turner Broadcasting, hosted by Hal Holbrook. The series won the Peabody Award & the National Education Award. CoDirector, CoProducer, Writer, 198

A WALK THROUGH THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. A series of one hour films produced for PBS and created and hosted by Bill Moyers. Based on submission of the film “The Propaganda Battle,” the series won the primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series, 1983. Writer, CoProducer, 1983MARSHALL, TEXAS; MARSHALL, TEXAS (series premiere), Bronze Award, Houston International Festival, 1985.
WORLD WAR TWO: THE PROPAGANDA BATTLE, Emmy Award, Outstanding Interview, 1985,THE ARMING OF THE EARTH, Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1985.

THE HUNDRED YEAR VOYAGE. (A twenty minute film produced for Exxon Corporation.) Writer, CoProducer, 1982, Certificate of Creative Excellence, US Industrial Film Festival, 1983

CREATIVITY WITH BILL MOYERS. A series of half hour films produced for PBS. Based on submission of the film Maya Angelou, the series won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series, 1981. CoProducer, Writer, 1981

  • MAYA ANGELOU (series premiere),Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1983.
  • THE INVENTORS,Honorable Mention, American Film Festival, 1983.
  • OLYMPICS OF THE MIND, Honorable Mention, American Film Festival, 1983. GARBAGE: ANOTHER WAY OF SEEING, Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1983

MEDIA PROBES. A series of half hour programs produced for PBS Writer of two programs, 1979, Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1982.

THE NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA. Research, Writer, Associate Producer and Director on various projects 1972-9 including: MARGARET LAURENCE: FIRST LADY OF MANAWAKA, research, Silver Medal, Chicago International Film Festival, 1979 PAPERLAND: THE BUREAUCRAT OBSERVED. A humorous look at the functioning of bureaucracies around the world. Co-Writer , Genie Award, Outstanding NonFiction Script, 1980. , Chris Award, Columbus International Film Festival, 1980

FILMS ON AGING SERIES. A series of independently produced films offering creative solutions to the problems of the aged. The films have been widely distributed to special interest groups around the world. Producer, Writer, Director 1970-1976

  • THE TREATMENT IS THE CRISIS (LDopa and Parkinson’s Disease).
  • RESCUE FROM ISOLATION,Certificate of Excellence, US Mayors’ Task Force on Aging, Washington, 1978
  • BEYOND SHELTER (Ideas from Denmark on Housing for the Aged ,Certificate of Excellence, US Mayors’ Task Force on Aging, Washington, 1978
  • HOW TO CREATE A NONPERSON, Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival, 1977